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Nug Daimani Eklektós (Lassinikes, Space Warlock) - Level Up!

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Player Name: Michael
Hangouts Handle:
Ledger: Ledger

Character Name: Nug Daimani Eklektós
Alias: Nug
Race: Lassinikes
O.C.C.: Space Warlock (wizard-like not element aligned)
  1. Keep his word of honor.
  2. Lie and cheat if necessary (especially to those of Anarchist and evil
  3. Not kill an unarmed foe (but will take advantage of one).
  4. Never harm an innocent.
  5. Not use torture unless absolutely necessary.
  6. Never kill for pleasure; will attempt to bring the villain to justice alive and ruin him rather than simply kill him.
  7. Usually help those in need.
  8. Rarely attempt to work within the law.
  9. Blatantly break the law to achieve his (usually good-intentioned) goals.
  10. Dislike and distrust authority, the law and bureaucracy. Feels they have been corrupted and abused.
  11. Work with groups, especially if it serves his needs, is profitable, and/or he is in the limelight.
  12. Take "dirty" money.
  13. Never betray a friend.
  14. Have a high regard for life and freedom.

XP Level: 5
XP Points: 22,537 (SotM 01OCT23)
Next Level @ XP: 18,401
  • Level 1: 0,000 – 2,300
  • Level 2: 2,301– 4,600
  • Level 3: 4,601 – 9,200
  • Level 4: 9,201 – 18,400
  • Level 5: 18,401 – 26,500
  • Level 6: 26,501 – 36,600
  • Level 7: 36,601 – 51,700
  • Level 8: 51,701 – 71,800
  • Level 9: 71,801 – 96,900
  • Level 10: 96,901 – 137,000
  • Level 11: 137,001 – 188,100
  • Level 12: 188,101 – 229,200
  • Level 13: 229,201 – 279,300
  • Level 14: 273,001 – 340,400
  • Level 15: 340,401 – 400,000

Disposition: He has a cynical, practical air in contrast to the idealistic atmosphere of most CAF youngsters. Generally affable and seems to enjoy people. Behind that is a being haunted by the past, struggling to survive the present, and hopeful for a future where the things are as they should be. He is rather fond of beer and other hobbies that keep him occupied. Constantly busy, and dislikes quiet alone time.

Insanity: None

I.Q.: 20
M.E.: 21
M.A.: 18
P.S.: 14 (Supernatural)
P.P.: 16
P.E.: 21 (Supernatural)
P.B.: 12
Speed: 8

P.P.E.: 281
I.S.P.: 40
M.D.C.: 225
Age: 299
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 400 lbs

Description: Nug is a tall, thin humanoid with smooth blue crystalline skin that slightly refracts light. It gives his translucent form white and orange accents at certain angles. He walks with the aid of a staff, limping heavily when he moves. You'll often see him with a beer in hand, or puffing away on a cigar.

Racial Abilities
  • Natural A.R.: 14
  • Resistance to Damage: Kinetic energy and impact weapons such as bullets, rail guns, punches, kicks, falls, thrown weapons, and explosives do half damage. Electricity and ion beams do half damage. Lasers one do third damage. Extreme fire, heat, cold and powerful microwaves only do 10% their normal damage. Normal fire, heat and cold don't usually hurt the character at all. Radiation usually does no damage.
  • Impervious: To airborne or ingested poisons, toxins, drugs, gases, pollution and magic potions.
  • Healing: Heals 2D6 damage per 24 hour period. May enter healing trance where regular healing doubles every day (the first day is 4D6) allowing regeneration of lost limbs (extra day needed for each limb). Oblivious to surrounding during trance and impossible to awaken until healed. May choose to awaken fully or partially healed.
  • Ambient P.P.E to survive: Does not breathe and needs no food or water. Feeds on Mystic energy which is present in some form or another on most worlds and in outer space. Can function at maximum efficiency with only four hours rest.
  • P.P.E battery: May absorb and store 15 P.P.E. per level from ley line nexuses, magic talismans, and energy released from magic ceremonies, blood sacrifices and the moment of someone's death.
  • Underwater invisibility: Glass-like body, virtually invisible underwater (90% prowl).

Natural Abilities
Perception Bonus: 21% (+3%) see rules here
Charm/Impress: 25%
Invoke Trust/Intimidate: 50% (60% vs armed forces personnel -see Leadership)
Max. Encumbrance: 400 lbs see rules here
Max. Carrying Weight: 4,200 lbs
Max. Lifting Weight: 7,000 lbs
Max. Jumping Ability: 21 ft long, 10.5 ft high see rules here

Special Abilities
  • P.P.E. Channeling: 5 per level of experience, per melee action.
  • P.P.E. and I.S.P. recovery: 5 per hour, or 10 with meditation.
  • Combat Bonuses: +1 to initiative (+2 when spell casting) and +4 to save versus Horror Factor.
  • Magic Resistance Bonuses: +2 to save vs Magic at level one, and +1 at levels three, six, nine, and twelve. They are also +3 to save vs psionics and mind controlling drugs.
  • Can see and feel the presence of magic, providing all of the following sensing abilities as automatic powers which do not require the expenditure of P.P.E.
    • Sense Ley Line: Able to feel whether there is a ley line within the area of his sensing abilities, 10 miles (16 km) per level of experience. He can tell whether it is near or far and follow the feeling to the location of the ley line. Base Skill: 30% +5% per each additional level of experience.
    • Sense Ley Line Nexus: Once the ley line has been found, can follow the ley line to as many nexus points as it may may have. A nexus point is where two or more ley lines cross/intersect. Base Skill: 40% +5% per each additional level of experience.
    • Sense a Rift: Will automatically feel the sensation of a Rift opening or closing anywhere within 50 miles (80 km). Increase the sensing range 10 miles (16 km) per each additional level of experience starting with level two. Although he cannot tell exactly where this Rift is, the warlock knows if it is near or far and whether it is big or small. Note: When actually on a ley line, the Line Walker will know exactly where the Rift is located and he can sense one wherever it is, as long as it is on the ley line or a connecting line.
    • Sense Magic in Use: The expenditure of magic in the form of a spell, Rifting, or Techno-Wizardry can be felt, if not seen, up to 100 feet
      (30.5 m) away per every level of the Line Walker's experience. The warlock will not know the location nor be able to trace it, but he will feel its energy and know that magic is being used in the area of his sensing range. Note: This does not include the use of psionic powers.
    • See Magic Energy: The warlock sees magic energy/P.P.E. radiating from people, creatures, objects, and areas, as a faint aura whenever
      more than 20 P.P.E. points are present. The sensing ability is so acute that the warlock can see things made invisible by magic and invisible things that are magical, including invisible dragons and other creatures of magic. This special sight occurs only when the warlock desires to use it and focuses on seeing the magically invisible. However, the effort uses up one melee attack/action per round (15 seconds) that this special sight is willed in place. Note: Does not work on the spell, Invisibility Superior. Range: Line of sight, about 1000 feet (305 m).
  • This power instills the warlock with instant information about the ley line in a matter of moments. The warlock will know the following: What directions the ley line runs (and therefore, his location on it; north, south, east, west, etc.), how long the line runs, whether there are any nexus points and where, and whether there are any Rifts presently open along the line. The character also knows about any major natural disasters currently happening along the line, such as a forest fire, flooding, hurricane, or earthquake. War and magic are not natural disasters. The power is automatic and does not require the expenditure of personal P.P.E.
  • A Space Warlock can send a verbal and/or visual message directly along a ley line to another person so long as that person is located somewhere on the line. The best messages are brief ones of under a hundred words to avoid overwhelming the recipient. Unfortunately, the message is a one way transmission unless the other person is also a Line Walker or other mage with the Transmission spell. Range is limited only by the length of the ley line and the people's position on the line. The time lapse between sending and receiving a ley line transmission is only a matter of seconds. The message can be sent to one specific person or several people (one person per level of the sender's experience), or several people at different locations on the line.
    The only danger is that a telepathic individual (psionic or magic) may be able to listen in on the message. There is a 01-20% chance that any psionic or magic character with Telepathy will sense a Ley Line Transmission coming through, and eavesdrop (01-31 % chance that they too can receive the message). There is no way for the sender to know if others have eavesdropped on his message. Nor is there any way to scramble the message. This power is an automatic ability for the Ley Line Walker and does not require the expenditure of personal P.P.E.
  • The warlock also has the power to instantly teleport from one place to another, flawlessly, anywhere on the same ley line. Can be anywhere in any direction (ley lines can be a quarter/0.4 km to one full mile/1.6 km wide), including up into the air (ley lines are typically a half mile/0.8 km to two miles/3.2 km tall) and hang there because the warlock can walk a ley line, floating above the ground. If he teleports up into the air he can stay there suspended (+20% to Prowl/hide, because ground dwelling humans don't usually look up). To do a Ley Line Teleport the warlock must concentrate, opening himself to the Iey line energy and focusing all of his thoughts to the task of teleporting to the new location. Engaging in conversation or combat, even self-defense, will break the concentration, forcing the warlock to start over. The process requires 1D4 melees (15 to 60 seconds) of concentration every time before the teleportation happens, so he can't just pop out in a heartbeat, but it's still very, very handy. The teleport is always on target, because the warlock is one with the ley line. Of course, unless he can see his destination, he can't know who or what
    might also he present in that area and he could appear in the middle of an armed camp (but not inside one of them or a tree, etc., as is the danger with the Teleportation spell). Note: Ley Line Phasing is an automatic ability common to all Space Warlocks at NO P.P.E. cost, but it does take its toll on the body. The maximum number of phasings/teleports possible is four per hour. The per 24 hour period is 4 +2 per each level of experience (6 at level one, 8 at level two, 10 at level three, etc). More than this is just impossible. The only other limitations are: 1) He can only teleport himself
    and his possessions, nobody else. 2) The location must be along the same ley line as if traveling on a mystic railway. To switch to a different ley line. the character must travel or teleport to the nexus point intersection where two or more different ley lines cross paths to follow one of the other lines.
  • A Space Warlock can open himself to the ley line energies and walk or float through the air along the length of the ley line. The speed factor is a mere Speed of 10, but is relaxing and requires absolutely no exertion or even physical movement of the feet or body if drifting afloat. NO P.P.E. is necessary for a Space Warlock to do this, because he's drawing on the ambient energy of the line and his attunement to ley line energy make him practically a living part of the line itself. Note: He can even meditate while drifting down a ley line. Height is typically 1-5 feet (0.3 to 1.5 m) above the ground, but if he concentrates he can reach a height as great as the line itself. This is dangerous, however, as it leaves him out in the open easy to see from a great distance. Just below or just above treetop level is common among those who like to be high above the ground.
  • The character can absorb ley line energy to double the rate of natural healing. To do this, the mage must concentrate and relax on a ley line, letting the mystic energy fill him and heal him over a period of days. The mage can also perform an instant rejuvenation on a ley line as often as once every 24 hours in which after about ten minutes of concentration, he is completely rested, alert and healed of 20 Hit Points and 20 S.D.C. +1D6 additional Hit Points and 2D6 S.D.C. (or 4D6 M.D.C. if a Mega-Damage being) per level of experience. Again at no P.P.E. cost, but only possible on a ley line. Note: No P.P.E. or I.S.P. can be restored this way, only Hit Points and S.D.C.
  • A globe of light, about the size of a soccer ball, can be conjured out of thin air and linked to the Space Walker like a third eye. The sphere of blue or white light can be directed by its creator to zoom ahead or behind him like a remote control spy device or familiar. Everything that the ball sees and hears is instantly transmitted to its maker. The sphere will remain in existence as long as the Space Warlock stays within the ley line, or until he dispels it, or until it is destroyed. Stats for a typical Observation Ball: M.D.C.: One point per level of its
    creator. Range: Up to 500 feet (152 m) away from its creator per level of its creator, so a fifth level Ley Line Walker could send his Observation Ball 2500 feet away and a tenth level mage almost one mile (1.6 km). Speed: Up to Spd 44 (30 mph/48 km). Bonuses: +3 to dodge. It has no offensive capabilities other than to buzz onlookers and possibly startle them (not likely). Actions of that sort, however, require the Space Warlock to have line of sight on the ball for him to direct it mentally, each attack/action of the ball counting as one of his own melee actions/attacks.

Minor Psionic
Machine Ghost (12)
Sixth Sense (2)

Spell Knowledge
Spell Strength: (starts at 12 in most cases)
Lassinikes bonus spell
Space spells

Level 1
Globe of Daylight (2)
See Aura (6)
See The Invisible (4)

Level 2
Cleanse (6)
Magic Homing Beacon (5)
Sense Magic Homing Beacon (8)
Vacuum Speak(6)

Level 3
Armor of Ithan (10)
Invisibility: Simple (6)
Paralysis: Lesser (5)

Level 4
Hide in Space (10/30/75/145)
Carpet of Adhesion (10)
Charismatic Aura (10)
Chromatic Protection (10)
Electric Arc (8)
Fireblast (8)
Fire Bolt (7)
Multiple Image (7)
Reflection (7)
Seal (7)

Level 5
Escape (8)

Level 6
Tongues (12)
Words of Truth (15)

Level 7
Fly as the eagle (25)

Level 8
Anti-Gravity Flight(35/60)
Hull Regeneration (25 / 5% hull)
Locate (30)
Negate Magic (30)
Oracle (30)

Level 9
Cosmic Armor (45)
Nova Blast (30)

O.C.C. Skills
Language and Literacy: Trade One 114% (+5%, Stylized as Latin)
Language and Literacy: Native Tongue (Trade 4) 94% (+1%, Stylized as English)
Language and Literacy: Trade Six 76% (+5%, Stylized as Esperanto)
Lore: Demons & Monsters 51% (+5%)
Lore: Galactic Aliens 46% (+5%)
Lore: Magic
--General Knowledge: 51% (+5%)
--Recog. Magic Circles, Runes, etc: 41% (+5%)
--Recognize Enchantment 36% (+4%)

Chemistry: Analytical 51% (+5%)
Mathematics: Basic 76% (+5%)
Wilderness Survival 46% (+5%)
W.P. Staff
(s) W.P. Energy Pistol
Hand to Hand: Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills
(EP) Barter 36% (+4%)
(EP) Boxing
Chemistry 46% (+5%)
(3rd) Forced March
Intelligence 48% (+4%)
This skill represents an officer or NCO's ability to give orders to subordinates and have them obeyed. An officer or NCO with good leadership skills can motivate subordinates and subalterns to do the impossible with nothing while smiling all the way. Skill Bonuses: +2 to M.A. attribute, +5% to trust/intimidate (20% if the character doesn't already have M.A. bonuses) vs armed forces personnel at level one, and +5%
at level 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. +5% to charm/impress vs everyone at level one, New Pilot Skills +5% at level 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Also +5% to Military Etiquette skill.

(EP) Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic 41% (+5%)
(3rd) Military Etiquette 46% (+5%)
Pilot: Jet Packs 53% (+4%)
(EP) Psychology 51% (+5%)
Sensory Equipment 46% (+5%)

Secondary Skills
Computer Operation 46% (+5%)
Mathematics: Advanced 51% (+5%)
Philosophy 36% (+5%)
W.P. Sword
(3rd) Gambling: Standard 36% (+5%)
(3rd) Art (Professional - second slot upgrading fundamentals learned from Altess Eviscerator)

Combat Data
HTH Type: Basic
Number of Attacks: 5
Initiative Bonus: +2 to initiative (+3 when spell casting)
Strike Bonus: +1
Parry Bonus: +5
Dodge Bonus: +5
HTH Damage Bonus: -
Bonus to Roll w/Punch: +3
Bonus to Pull a Punch: +2
Bonus to Disarm: -
  • P.P.E. channeling: 5 per level of experience, per melee action.
  • Kick attack does 1D8 points of damage.

Weapon Proficiencies
Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus (costs 2 actions)
Burst Shots: +1 to Strike Bonus
Called/Aimed Shots: +3 to Strike Bonus, 12+ Strike Roll Required (costs 3 actions)
Melee Called Shots: No bonus to Strike, No extra action cost

W.P. Staff: +2 to strike, +1 to parry - +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 7, 10, and 13. +1 to parry at levels, 2, 5, 8, 11, and 14. +1 to strike when thrown at levels 5, 10, and 15; not designed for throwing.
W.P. Sword: +2 to strike, +1 to parry - +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15. +1 to parry at levels 2, 4, 7, 10, and 13. +1 to strike when thrown at levels 4, 8, and 12; not designed for throwing.
W.P. Energy Pistol +2 to strike - +1 to strike at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15.

Saving Throw Bonuses
Coma/Death: +12%
Magic (varies): +6
Lethal Poison (14+): +3
Non-Lethal Poison (16+): +3
Insanity (12+): +4
Psionics (varies): +6
Horror Factor (varies): +4
  • Wand of Life additional +2 to save vs poisons, drugs, toxins, and disease, and +5% to save vs coma.
  • Immune to airborne or ingested poisons, toxins, drugs, gases, pollution and magic potions.

The Space Warlock receives +2 to save vs Magic at level one, and +1 at levels three, six, nine,
and twelve. They are also +3 to save vs psionics and mind controlling drugs. +4 to save versus Horror Factor.

21 M.E. +3 vs psionics, +4 vs insanity
21 P.E. +3 vs magic/poison, +12% coma

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Nug's Equipment

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Carried/In Hand
Lightning Staff

Worn on Person
Holographic Personal Computer (HPC)
Augmenting Helmet
Psionic Crystal Armor
Bracer/Bracelet of Friendship
Phase Field

CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item)
  • 12 attachment points
  • Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (R:UE, p.263)

Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.

• Attachment: Altess Eviscerator
• Attachment: Hip flask of "Mind Rotter" whisky
• Attachment: Millennium Wand of Life
• Attachment: Magic Wand of Sleep
• Attachment: Crystal Paralyzer
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Attachment: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale

The backpack is padded, sealable, and lightly armored. Internal space can be utilized to carry a variety of items. Internal capacity is 30" long, 18" wide, and 6" deep. Items larger than a grenade will require more than one space.
• Space: Box of UWW Cigars
• Space: Multi-tool (standard military version)
• Space: Graphite drawing pencil and notebook
• Space: Painting supplies
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale
• Space: Bottle of Dark Lord's Dark Ale

Stored in Ship Quarters
Mage Armor, Enhanced
Comic Book Collection
Faerie Food and Wine Stockpile

Universal Credit Stick: 5000

Gear Stats
Altess Eviscerator (Patron Item)
Techno-Rune Weapon
Damage: 6D6
Alignment: Varies; see personality entry below
  1. Artificial Intelligence; I.Q.: 20
  2. Communicates through nano-telepathy.
  3. M.D.C.: 500
  4. Nano-regeneration: 2D6 M.D.C. per hour self-repair
  5. Damage is in M.D. when in a mega-damage environment
  6. Nano-telepathic bond is maintained through contact only; broken if separated from bearer.
  7. When a bearer bonds with the weapon, it injects nano-machines into the character. It then uses these to map the character's genetic I.D. and to communicate with the bearer. This process takes one hour to complete.
  8. The A.I. will only ever map to one bearer, and will attack any other who touches it thereafter with aggressive nanites doing 4D6 damage per melee of maintained contact.

Special Abilities
  • Electrical Discharge:
    • Range: Touch or up to 200'
    • Damage: 4D6
    • Payload: 4; regenerates 4 charges per hour
  • Skill Database: 98% proficiency for all skills, included with main skills list
    • Art
    • Artificial Intelligence (+5% to all other Computer skills)
    • Computer Programming
    • Research
    • Public Speaking (+5% bonus to the Performance skill)
    • Performance

Modifiers: Two-handed weapon
Personality: The personality and ethics subroutine of the A.I. is unique and develops over time as the weapon maps itself to its bearer.
Weight: 7 lbs.

Crystal Paralyzer
  • Range: 500'
  • Damage: None + Psionic Paralyzation
  • Rate of Fire: Single shots only
  • Payload: 8 I.S.P. per shot; 160 I.S.P. per crystal magazine; a psychic can power it with own I.S.P.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Features:
    • Psionic Paralyzation: save vs lethal toxins or paralyzed for 1D4 melees
      • On a failed roll of 5<, a save vs coma/death is required (see book)
  • Modifiers: Must be a psionic to use
  • Book Reference: p.127, DB2

Lightning Staff
Rare TW Item
• An enchanted wooden staff with silver caps at the top and bottom.
• Dimensions: 6' long, 1 lbs.
• M.D.C.: 50
• Cost to recharge: 30 P.P.E. or 60 l.S.P.
Magic Features
• Lightning Bolts: 6D6 M.D., +2 strike, 1,000 feet (305m) range, max. 4 per melee
• Blunt Strike: 2D6 M.D., +1 strike, +1 parry
• Grants immunity from energy attacks
• Duration: One melee round (15 seconds) per level of the user
Book Reference: p.320, BoM

Millennium Wand of Life
Very-Rare Millennium Tree Item
• Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. (does M.D. damage vs vampires)
• Dimensions: 1' long, .5 lbs.
• M.D.C.: 300
• 5 Buds
Magic Features
• Wand: 40 P.P.E.
• Can be used by its owner or others of a good alignment with owner's permission, and if intentions are good
• The wand regenerates all lost M.D.C. and P.P.E. after 24 hours have elapsed
• Can do superior healing per day equal to number of buds (1D6 H.P./S.D.C. per bud)
• Additional Spell Magic: can cast spells per day equal to number of buds (7th level spell strength)
000 • Negate poisons, Cure minor disorders
000 • Cure illness, Purification of food/water, Water to wine beer
Modifiers: +2 to save vs toxins & +5% to save vs coma
Book Reference: p.292, BoM

Magic Wand of Sleep
The wand can cast the Sleep spell three times a day.
• Range: 20' or touch
• Duration: Affected food/drink becomes inert in 15 minutes. Sleep lasts 10 min/lvl.
Book Reference: p.282, BoM

Bracer/Bracelet of Friendship - Enchanted
A piece of armor fitted to go over the forearm.
M.D.C.: 50
Magic Features
  • [3x Daily] Implosion Neutralizer [250' Max, 5.00 Min on a Device Not detonated, BOM Pg 107]

History: Makos Forged this Temp Item.
Duration: 5 Months

Augmenting Helmet
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helmet: 30

Weight: 10 lbs.
Modifiers: None
  • Focuses psychic energy so that the wearer's I.S.P. is effectively doubled

Book Reference: p.128, DB2

Psionic Crystal Armor
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Arms: 15 each
  • Legs: 22 each
  • Main Body: 35
  • Psionic Force Field: 70

Weight: 10 lbs.
Modifiers: +2 vs. psionics while force field is active
  • Integrated Psionic Force Field
    • Can be used 4 times per 24 hour period without I.S.P. cost to user

Book Reference: p.128, DB2

Mage Armor, Enhanced
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Helm: 50
  • Arms: 25 each
  • Legs: 45 each
  • Main Body: 90

Weight: 22 lbs.
Modifiers: -5% to physical skills
Features: activated by thought, caster level 6
  • 1st TW Feature: Invisibility Superior (self) (20 P.P.E or 40 I.S.P.)

Book Reference: p.17, Rifter 22

Phase Field
M.D.C. by Location:
  • Front Projector: 10
  • Rear Projector: 10

Weight: 5 lbs.
Modifiers: None
  • Vulnerable to magic, psionics, & phase beamers
  • Negates 90% of incoming damage high speed damage
  • Melee attacks are unaffected by P-fields
  • Battery Duration: 12 hours

Book Reference: p.124, DB2

Faerie Food and Wine Stockpile
6 x Burgundy Wine: The victim feels very happy and turns a vivid burgundy (purple) color. The purple color is permanent until a remove curse is used.

6 x Cordial: This is a light wine which makes the victim feel very relaxed and in a good mood, but also causes the character to behave extremely politely to everyone and everything they meet, including monsters and old enemies. The victim also completely loses initiative (the last to take action) and will only enter a fight if attacked first. The effects last 1D4 days

2 x Bubbly Wine: This causes the victim to float in the air like a balloon without control, with little bubbles escaping from his nose and mouth. The victim feels very light-headed and happy, is -8 on initiative, -1 on all combat bonuses, and -10% on all skills (the victim just wants to float, giggle and enjoy himself). The effects last 1D4 hours

1 x Coffee: Even a sip of this delicious tasting beverage makes the victim cough continuously, ruining his sleep, interfering with his concentration and making it impossible to prowl/be quiet. The effects last 2D6 hours.

2 x Peanuts: This harmless looking snack makes the victim suffer the "call of nature" every hour and uncontrollably when under stress. The effects last 1D4 days.

2 x Beetle Nuts: A drug-filled nut that tastes delicious and causes mild hallucinations in which the victim will see everybody as giant, friendly beetles (not to mention beetles/people who aren't there). Lasts 2D4 hours

6 x Tarts: A yummy pastry that causes the victim to become extremely amorous and giddy, almost as if he/she were drunk and made to flirt with and desire every person of the opposite sex they encounter. The effects last for 1D4 days.

1 x Sloe Wine: This faerie drink reduces speed and the number of attacks per melee by half for 1D6 days. It is also a wine, so it also has the normal effects of alcohol.

Comic Book Collection
Full series purchased from a surly Promethean on the TFT Habitation Deck.
  • Sentinels of the Stars
  • The Revengers
  • Stainless Steel Skunk
  • The Exceptional Eight (including the Faustian Flame)
  • Batamzingaman
  • Forge Corps
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turloks
  • La-Zar: Lord of Eden Nine
A collection of spells purchased from Center on Phase World that Nug is currently learning.
  • Oracle - Lvl 8
  • See Aura - Lvl 1
  • Magic Homing Beacon - Lvl 2
  • Sense Magic Homing Beacon - Lvl 2
  • Words of Truth - Lvl 6
  • Charismatic Aura - Lvl 4
  • Escape - Lvl 5
  • Sense Evil - Lvl 1
  • Metamorphosis: Animal - Lvl 7
  • Light Healing- Lvl 4
  • Eyes of Thoth- Lvl 5
  • Invulnerability- Lvl 7
  • Domination- Lvl 5
  • Stone to Flesh- Lvl 8
  • Shadow Meld- Lvl 4
  • Exorcism- Lvl 8
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Nug's Story

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Background Story
Dread overwhelmed him. He wished his only company was the agony of hopelessness, but it was worse than that. Suspended upside-down in a tank of blue coppery fluid a cruel serrated hook was impaled through each of his limbs. Jutting out the opposing end, like a giant fishing-hook, they him firmly in place. The agony he felt was nothing compared to what he knew would come next. It was the same every day. As if knowing his thoughts the hooks crackled with eldritch energies and he contorted in agony.

Lieutenant Nug Daimani Eklektós sat up, screaming. It was the same every night, but at least his species only needed a few hours of rest. His stone skin couldn't sweat, but it trembled, and he ran a hand over his face trying to banish the nightmare. Although he knew it wouldn't be the last, he knew the cure for night terrors. Getting up he staggered across the open space of the barracks towards an oversized locked cooler marked 'First Aid'. He unlocked it and he took out an ice-cold aluminium can of military-grade medicine; DLDB.

Dark Lord's Dark Beer to be precise. Nug glugged enthusiastically.

The drink helped, as did the one that followed. His haunted eyes softened somewhat, and by the time he was halfway through his fourth his mood turned reflective. Beer was truly a remarkable thing. In humans this brown bubbling carbohydrate solution, made from a cocktail of fermented cereal grains and parasitic yeast cells, acts as a powerful depressant in the central nervous system. It would worsen mental health, cognition, personality, mood, and behaviour. For Nug, alcohol worked differently, he was immune to the effects other than it kept his demons at bay. His species were rare in this dimension, refugees from another conflict. Too rare in fact. As far as Nug knew, he was the only Lassinikes in the United Worlds of Warlock. It's a big galaxy, maybe some others are there?

Nug dropped heavily into a chair, his eyes lingering on the rapidly draining can of beer. Beer had helped him forget agonised decades as a magical battery in a Splugorth starship. When Warlock Marines shattered the vessel and Nug was freed he signed up with their navy almost immediately. Beer got him through the long nights of study Warlock Navy Academy. Beer got him through battles against space pirates and worse. Beer would get him through today, tomorrow night and every night that followed. Beer was the lubricant that allowed him to slip through a tortured life until something better came along. Or maybe I'll just go out there and find it.

The Warlock Marine Corps had been good to Nug. Not only had become a talented spellslinger, but he spent many hours unravelling the mysteries of chemical compounds and their usefulness in healing. He wasn't the only shattered soul in need and the research helped him in many ways beer couldn't. But beer worked best for his mental state, a quick but temporary fix to his problems. Nug dreamed of perfecting the balance of hoppy goodness and bitter aftertaste. To make it perfect. Something that would make the nightmares vanish permanently. The Holy Grail of Ale. That's what he wanted. While I'm at it, maybe I'll find me the right ingredients to invent it. Nug's Holy Grail Ale. That'd be something! With enough beer the galaxy won't be so bad. With enough beer we could pickle enough brains that the fighting will stop. Real peace!

A polite knock at the door roused Nug from his musings. The door opened.

"Sir!" Standing at the door was Ensign Warren, holding a wad of papers in his hands whilst simultaneously trying to salute. Nug made a wry face, his eyes glittering with amusement. He let Warren stew for a long moment, then returned the salute, "At ease Wazza, what is it?"

"Sir, your application for the exchange program." Smiling slightly, he offered up the papers he carried.

Nug inspected the young Ensign with a long look, which might have seemed surprisingly shrewd for someone polishing off their fourth beer within an hour of waking. But those who knew him knew better. The booze kept Nug sane, it didn't diminish the Lassinikes' mental faculties in the slightest. Indeed, word amongst squadmates under Nug's command thought his occasional sluured speech was just ploy to keep everyone off-balance. When it mattered, Nug had one of the finest minds in the Navy. With a clear voice he said, "They accepted didn't they Wazza? I'm going to join that CCW Discovery mob?"

"Yes sir. Everything is approved. You're to report to the naval dockyards at noon."

"And my conditions?"

"Shockingly, they said yes." A smile crept to Warren's lips, which Nug mirrored. Nug had specified that joining any CAF unit he needed to be able to drink beer on duty. Otherwise, as far as Nug was concerned, any officer exchange between the fledgling UWW-CAF Alliance was off the table.

"Outstanding." After a pause Nug shook his head and laughed, "They must be desperate."

To this Warren had no reply, shifting his stance uncomfortably he decided to wait for Nug to continue. Nug finished his beer, wiped his mouth, and crushed the can in his hand.

Nug sighed and nodded to himself. "I'll miss you bastards, but I gotta do this. You know that right?"

The young man nodded slowly, he had just started to understand his Commanding Officer and now he was leaving. "Find your peace sir."

"Watch yourself while I'm gone." Nug took the Warren's papers and quickly gathered his few belongings and walked out. He didn’t look back.
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Nug Daimani Eklektós

M.D.C.: 217/217
P.P.E.: 89/230
I.S.P.: 40/40
Psionic Crystal Armor: (Force Field 46/70 | Main Body: 35/35 | Arms: 15/15 each | Legs: 22/22 each)
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Nug's Worksheet

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Character Rolls:
Lassinikes: I.Q. 3D6+2, M.E. 3D6, M.A. 3D6, P.S. 4D6, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 4D6, P.B. 3D6, Spd. 3D6

I.Q. M.E. M.A. P.B. or Spd. only.
4d6-L: [6, 2, 4, 3]-L = 13 + 2 (race) = 15 + 1d6: [5] = 5 (EP) = 20 I.Q.
4d6-L: [6, 5, 5, 2]-L = 16 + 2 (Leadership skill) = 18 M.A.
4d6-L: [4, 3, 5, 5]-L = 14 - 2 (Space Warlock) = 12 P.B.
4d6-L: [4, 1, 5, 6]-L = 15 + 1d6: [6] = 6 (EP) = 21 M.E.
4d6-L: [2, 1, 2, 2]-L = 6 + 2 (Forced March) Spd.
4d6-L: [6, 1, 3, 3]-L = 12
4d6-L: [4, 4, 3, 1]-L = 11
4d6-L: [1, 5, 2, 1]-L = 8

3 abilities are 4D6.. 1d6: [1] = 1 1d6: [3] = 3 1d6: [5] = 5

Discovered rules for this in viewtopic.php?p=1351535#p1351535, scrapping last 3 rolls and making new ones for the 4D6 stats.

P.S. P.P. or P.E. only
5d6-L: [2, 3, 5, 2, 2]-L = 12 P.S.
5d6-L: [4, 4, 2, 3, 4]-L = 15 + 1d6: [1] = 1 (EP) = 16 P.P.
5d6-L: [2, 3, 5, 3, 6]-L = 17 + 2 (Space Warlock) = 19 P.E.

Space Warlock:
-2 to P.B.
+1D4 to P.E. 1d4: [2] = 2
+2D6 to M.D.C. 2d6: [5, 6] = 11
P.P.E.: 3D6x 10 plus 3D6 per level of experience 3d6: [4, 6, 5] = 15 x 10 = 150

P.P.E level 1-3: = +25
Levels : 1d6: [2] = 2 + 1d6: [5] = 5 + 1d6: [1] = 1
Levels : 1d6: [3] = 3 + 1d6: [3] = 3 + 1d6: [1] = 1
Levels : 1d6: [2] = 2 + 1d6: [6] = 6 + 1d6: [2] = 2

M.D.C.: 2d6*10+125: [3, 4]*10+125 = 195

Speed of 6 means our Lassinikes friend moves at a glacial pace. "-1 on initiative, dodge, and -10% to Dance skill (unless it's a slow dance). A casual stroll is running at full tilt for this character' Bonuses: +5% to Prowl, Palm and Track, and +1 on Perception Rolls (tends to be a bit more observant)."

Determine Psionics: 1d100: [14] = 14
Minor Psionics. Select two powers from anyone of the following psionic categories: Sensitive, Physical or Healer. In the grand scheme of things, power of this level is considered inconsequential, though it may have a profound impact on the individual character's life. Base Inner Strength Points (I.S.P.) are the character's M.E. +2D6. At each level of experience, add +1D6 I.S.P.

I.S.P. = M.E.+ 19 ( 2d6: [3, 1] = 4 + 1d6: [4] = 4 + 1d6: [6] = 6 + 1d6: [5] = 5 )

EP Cost: Owe 3 EP's if approved for stat boosts

Credits: 6000 (1D6x1000 credits in savings. ( 1d6*1000: [6]*10 = 60 ))

Height: 5 feet plus 3d6: [1, 5, 5] = 11 inches (1 .6 to 2.0 m).
Weight: 240 plus 4d6x10: [6, 2, 4, 4] = 16 pounds (1 27 to 21 7 kg).

HP rolls for level 1, 2, 3 (seems not needed but GM says do it JIC, so I hear and I obey :) ): 1d6: [3] = 3 , 1d6: [6] = 6 , 1d6: [3] = 3

MDC for level 2 and 3: + 1d6: [6] = 6 + 1d6: [5] = 5

So total M.D.C. is: 217
M.D.C. species roll 195
+11 MDC for level 2 and 3
+11 to M.D.C. for Space Warlock class power

Forced March (3rd) skill taken - must add 1d4: [2] = 2 to Spd 2d6: [1, 6] = 7

Millennium Wand of Life
2d4 buds = 1d4: [3] = 3 + 1d4: [2] = 2
1d4x 10 P.P.E = 1d4: [4] = 4
1d4x100 M.D.C = 1d4: [3] = 3
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Nug Daimani Eklektós

M.D.C.: 217/217
P.P.E.: 89/230
I.S.P.: 40/40
Psionic Crystal Armor: (Force Field 46/70 | Main Body: 35/35 | Arms: 15/15 each | Legs: 22/22 each)
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Post Templates

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Combat Post Template

Code: Select all

JIC: [roll]1d20[/roll], [roll]1d100[/roll]
Perception: 36% / [roll]1d100[/roll] [color=red](FAIL)[/color] or [color=green](SUCCESS)[/color]

[ooc=Active Effects:]
[List][*]Sixth Sense (90 feet)
[*]Immune to airborne or ingested beer, poisons, toxins, drugs, gases, pollution and magic potions.
[*]Immune to radiation.
[*]Half damage from kinetic energy and impact weapons such as bullets, rail guns, punches, falls, thrown weapons, and explosives.
[*]Half damage from electricity and ion beams. 
[*]Third damage from lasers.
[*]Tenth damage from extreme fire, heat, cold and powerful microwaves

Initiative (+# added): 
Non-Combat Action: 
Action 1: 
Action 2: 
Action 3: 
Action 4: 
Action 5: 

Parries (+## included):

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Re: Nug Daimani Eklektós (Lassinikes, Space Warlock) - Approved

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Level Sheet

Level 4
  • M.D.C.: 1d6: [2] = 2
  • P.P.E.: 3d6: [4, 6, 6] = 16 + additional 15 P.P.E. from racial energy battery ability.
  • Two Spells (level 1-12):
    • Time Hole (Lvl 12; P.P.E.: 210)
    • Amulet(Lvl 12; P.P.E.: 290)
Level 5
  • M.D.C.: 1d6: [6] = 6
  • P.P.E.: 3d6: [1, 2, 2] = 5 + additional 15 P.P.E. from racial energy battery ability.
  • Two Spells (level 1-12):
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